Monday, 19 September 2016

It begins... again...

After a marathon spray session last weekend (I plowed through 3 cans of Chaos Black and a can of Corax White), all the goblins & squigs are undercoated. A colour scheme for the Gobbos in decided upon, and the first 20 are complete.... It's my curse that my painting technique is not really suited to horde armies, as much as I love them (although saying that, I never manage to play them that well anyway - Winter War Wooden Spoon, you will be mine...).

Anyway, there's a couple of fun conversions in this army that I'm looking forward to painting up, but for now - here's some goblins!

A break from the traditional Night Goblin black, but I think they pull it off with panache - and in an homage to the 90s, I've got the traditional red spear and yellow moon iconography updated in a muted style.

That's just 20, there's another 150 or so to, including squigs, snots, and spiders... wish me luck!

Monday, 29 August 2016


While I reached a decision on my army for Winter War (Night Goblins), I'm lacking in motivation to paint the Great Green Horde just yet... so here's a few pics of what's on the workbench right now!

Dr. Grimwell and his motley crew, so very close to being finished

The not-so-mighty Fishermen - 3 games, not even a goal yet... Hopefully they'll play better with a finished paint job and a bit more practice!

Monday, 22 August 2016

A quick update...

So it's been a wee while since my last update - the Neverborn are finished & the Guild are all but the finishing details done (pics to follow soon as I remember!). While no Malifaux has been played, there are 2 crews to be built as I got a little carried away with buying up stuff. Mei Feng & Seamus's crews are in various stages of building & painting.

On the selling front, I've successfully cleared out the Dark Eldar as well, only a handful of Eldar remain as a painting project, along side the Guard (who may see action in an strictly non-competitive way if there's ever a casual game at the club!).

In my quest to win a 3rd Best Army award of the year, I've foolishly decided to build a 3rd army - Skarsnik's Night Goblins are on the table - about half built and some awful old paint jobs to be re-done in the next 2 months before DWARF's Winter War - wish me luck dear readers!

....oh, amd do hassle me for photos of the Malifaux bits before I drown in a see of goblin green!